Our olive groves are cultivated exclusively in a natural way and manner. This includes the careful tree pruning as well as ecological fertilization. We use no pesticides at all.
Since all our olive groves are ordered exclusively naturally and are not treated, we produce a completely new special organic olive oil.

Our GOLD OF EXTREMADURA ORGANIC is made from olives which are preselected with great effort.

GoE EU Siegel Finca La Morera
GoE Siegel Cepae Finca La Morera
GoE EU Siegel Finca La Morera

Our manufacturing plant in Spain was also certified with the EU organic seal in 2017. Our olive groves are located in the unique Extremadura countryside on the border with Portugal. Therefore we are allowed to use the organic seal of Extremadura. This also applies to the oil mill we use, which is also certified organic.

As this organic olive oil is traded in Germany by ALCORNEO Trading GmbH, this company was also tested according to the strict German standards of the organic seal and certified without any objections with the inspection body code DE-ÖKO-009.