GOLD OF EXTREMADURA was awarded both GOLD OF EXTREMADURA and GOLD OF EXTREMADURA ORGANIC with a silver medal at the renowned “Athena International Olive Oil Competition” in 2019. Already in 2018 we could win the bronze medal in the category “Quality” at the “International Olive Oil Competition” in London. GOLD OF EXTREMADURA was also one of the winners of the international “Great Taste Competition 2018” and was immediately rewarded with a star.

These awards prove that we are on the right track with our quality standards.

We are supported in our quality efforts by the Spanish olive oil expert Luis Miguel Martin Gonzales.

He has already won several prizes with his outstanding olive oil from Oleosetin. This fine oil is also available in our connoisseur area.

These awards underline the high quality of this olive oil, which is obtained similarly to GOLD OF EXTREMADURA and which also uses the same highly specialized oil mill.