Where our olives are grown

Origin is a matter of trust

Our olives for GOLD OF EXTREMADURA are grown and harvested in the Spanish province of Extremadura, almost directly adjacent to Portugal. Several nature reserves, such as the Serra da Saõ Mamede and Tajo International or protected areas such as ZEPA Sierra de San Pedro, a bird sanctuary, are in the immediate vicinity. The result is a unique cultural landscape where extensive sheep and olive farming has been practised for centuries.

On approx. 470 hectares our Merino sheep live in peaceful coexistence with our olive groves at an altitude of approx. 500 metres. However, the sheep are not the only inhabitants of our finca.

Our Collies Vale and Moni as well as our shepherd Laica keep the herd together.

Our Mastines shepherd dogs protect the herd from uninvited guests. This includes in particular foxes that try to capture the newborn during the lamb season.

Our 21 goats produce milk, but also fulfil another essential function: if a lamb is not accepted by its sheep mother, the goat mothers step in.

Our chickens are really free-range and like to look after the right things in the sheep and goat stables.

Excellent climatic conditions at this altitude allow Morisca and Manzanilla sevillana olives to thrive. Our olive groves have been in existence for several hundred years.