Finca La Morera

The Finca La Morera S.A. is an agricultural enterprise, which was over several hundred years in the family property and from the sheep breeding and the olive cultivation in the Spanish Extremadura, at the border to Portugal, lived.

At the beginning of 2017, Hartmut Zastrow and Torsten Zoega acquired this company through a joint venture.

In their second career, the two entrepreneurs would like to continue the core of the former family business and expand it in certain areas. This includes in particular the cultivation of olives and the organisation of the export of the fantastic olive oil to Northern Europe, where the Mediterranean way of life is becoming more and more popular.

On almost 470 hectares an extensive agriculture is operated. This takes place in an untouched nature with many rare birds like eagles, bearded vultures and other animal species.

Our large flock of sheep lives as a natural gardener in a unique symbiosis with our several hundred year old olive groves.

The Finca is managed by the shepherd family living on the site. Florencio takes care of the sheep and has the whole finca under control. Wife Alejandra is the good soul of the finca. She helps her husband especially during the lambing season and keeps a constant eye on goats and chickens. The goat’s cheese produced by her in a traditional way is unique.

Shepherd Goyo (Gregorio) comes daily from the neighbouring village and helps in all matters.

Mario, son of the shepherd family, handles the administrative tasks.

The Collies Moni and Vale as well as the experienced shepherd Laica are also an integral part of the small community and perform their tasks with bravura and dedication.

Florencio always says: “Everyone works here, the people, the dogs and even the cats, because they have their job in hay and straw. They protect from uninvited guests like mice”.

With all these natural prerequisites, we have made every effort to ensure that the olive groves and olive oil production of Finca La Morera S.A. are certified organic.